Who we are

Algeria Tour Operator (Travel and Tourism)
The specialist in Algeria's cheap = more comfort and choices!

Our services:
DIMA VOYAGES (Tour Operator) = Marketing + Production

  • Travel organized abroad and in Algeria + Incoming (foreign tourists).
  • Business trips, Tourist trips, Study tours, and Religious.
  • Assistance for visa, choice hotels (200,000 Hotels partners worldwide).
  • Organization of courses grouped scientists, and athletes.
  • Assistance and organization of seminars, conferences, symposia.
  • Visits to tourist attractions and historical sites (in Algeria and abroad).
  • Resorts, Spas.
  • Rental of passenger vehicles.
Recent international awards
  • Trophy Winner 2012 GOLD Award: International Tourism Industry
    • For these products, services and direction to the international
    • By Trade Leader’s Club (TLC)
  • Trophy Winner 2012 GOLD Award: CRA International of Europe Award
    • Certification company QC100 (Quality Business Model)
    • By Business Initiative Direction (B.I.D)

On this occasion the management on behalf of his team dedicate this award :
On the one hand :

  • To all our national partners from all sides.
  • To all our international partners on five continents.

On the other hand :

  • To all our dear customers (our family) individuals and businesses,
    the purse to the general portfolio.
    And that every day, are increasingly likely to encourage us and use us, A BIG THANK YOU